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Manifold Motion is a performance group which interweaves dance, interactive technology, visual art, and music to create original, experimental, evening-length productions. We focus on a collaborative, interdisciplinary process, bringing diverse artists together to jointly create work that stretches and challenges each creatively.

Our mission is to cross barriers between artistic disciplines, encourage collaboration between artists, and provide opportunities for the public to experience new modes of expression.

about the company

Manifold Motion is an associated program of Shunpike.

Compos Mentis, March 2012
photo: Divide
Compos Mentis, March 2012
photo: Divide

On Hiatus

We're taking some time to delve into what the next big thing will be. Never fear, Manifold Motion will be back: we simply need to create some space and time to develop new work.

We strive to make every new production the best we've ever done -- and to challenge ourselves in the process. Sometimes that takes an unexpectedly long time.
Coming up: NEW WEBSITE!

Help us Feed the Artists

We make it a priority to compensate the artists for the time and talent they so graciously bring to every production. This is our largest single cost, and our most important one. You can help!

Through our partnership with Shunpike, all contributions are tax deductable to the full extent of the law. Please, consider contributing now!

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Under, November 2010
photo: Divide
Under, November 2010
photo: Divide
Under, November 2010
photo: Divide
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Miscellanea II, November 2009
both photos: John Cornicello
Woolgatherer, May 2009
photo: Kevin Rosinbum -- Wandersoff Photography

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