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Performed February 29 - March 2, 2008
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Seattle

For Miscellanea, Manifold Motion invited past collaborators to present their independent work in a showcase format. 7 artists came together to present short works featuring music, dance, video, aerial dance, butoh, sculpture, and interactive sound installation.

1.The Bench

Choreographed and Performed by Bridget Gunning and Keely Isaak Meehan

Music composed by by Jeremy Dalnes using only sounds created by his cello and re-mixed by Jeremy Bieger.

Video mixed live by Leo Mayberry.

Costumes by Chaya Branley.

2. Black Eden: Nocturnes

Monica Schley: harp, voice
Sheri Brown: dance
Rosalyn Deroos: clarinet, auxilary percussion
Leo Mayberry: video
Laura Corsiglia: costume for Sheri Brown

Black Eden doubles as a multimedia performance of dance, music and video as well as a written collection of prose poems written by Monica Schley. The nocturnes, penned only during evening hours over a period of one year, take on a surreal shape inspired by subterranean urban scenes and the evening piano compositions (by the same name) of Chopin, Glinka and Faure. By definiton, nocturnes are meloncholic and are descriptive for a particular time of day.

Video coming soon!

3. ??

Music composed and performed by Jeremy Bieger.

4. Three Paragraph Soliloquy

Choreographed and performed by Keely Isaak Meehan.
Costume by Chaya Branley.
Music by Loscil.

Second in a life-long series of structured improvisational solos that began with Monologue (1996). This series explores communicating that for which one has no words. It also serves as a personal study in what, and how, the dancer communicates at set intervals in her life.

5. attack/decay

Choreographed by Bridget Gunning.
Performed by Bridget Gunning, Emma Klein and Nicole Sasala.
Costumes by Chaya Branley.
Video by Keely Isaak Meehan.
Music by IQU, Michael Andrews and Deru.

Video coming soon!

6. Untitled Cascade

Glass sculpture by Kyle von Wrangel Kinsey.

A piece written in visual verse about contrasts, connection and flow. Each brushstroke tells its tale. Heavy pieces float on frozen breezes. Solid glass flows and falls in a vitreous cascade. From different angles the components form different phrases.

7. Audible Avatar

Interactive Sound Installation by Mike McCracken.

As people move through the space, they are shadowed by an acoustic representation of themselves that modulates and repositions to reflect them. Vistitors are invited to contribute to the quality of the soundscape by recording source samples at the kiosk, and to explore themselves as a sound body and interact with others' in the space.

Audible Avatar monitors movement from above, assigning sounds recorded at the console to participants. The participants' movement scrubs and pitch shifts the assigned sound, which is following them around four audio channels.