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Performed July 15-16, 2005
Freehold Theater, Seattle
September 24, 2005
Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn

"So alive and beautiful."
"Beautiful show - it was seamless; the dancers, music and projections worked as one organism." -- Audience Members

Seed was designed by Manifold Motion's artistic director Keely Isaak Meehan and regular collaborator Jeremy Bieger. With four musicians, three dancers and three channels of video art, the show spanned an hour and delighted audiences. Split into 17 distinct songs, Seed's subjects spanned the ethereal, comic, abstract and slightly creepy.

Seed Website

Jeremy Bieger
Jeremy Dalnes
Katy Gunn
Ariel Rogoff Heitler
Keely Isaak Meehan
Pablo Rojas (Brooklyn)
Kate Watson-Wallace
Dan White (Seattle)

Mike McCracken
James Lynch (Brooklyn)

***The music for Seed is now available for purchase online!***
Click Here for download, and Here for a CD.

A video projected in the show: