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Performed November 12-28, 2010
INScape, Seattle, WA

" With its shapeshifting electronic score, hallucinatory staging/lighting and its performers' fierce commitment, [Under is] an entrancing excursion into shadowy realms of the mind." -- Seattle Times

"An incredible display of agility, strength, and grace." -- The SunBreak

Descend into a dark and beguiling re-imagination of natural growth, decay, disease, and perseverance. Spanning three rooms Under is an immersive installation and performance inspired by lichens, fungi, moss and mold.

Under combines interactive installation, video, dance, sculptural costuming, and original music. As you journey through this mysterious world, you will be invited to explore, engage with the environment, and witness a series of performances by Under's unusual inhabitants.

Under is collaboratively conceived of and created by Bridget Gunning, Chaya Eastood Jones, Mike McCracken, Leo Mayberry, Keely Isaak Meehan, Luara Moore, and Nicole Sasala Lobuzzetta.

Original score composed by Paul Beaudry, Joris Kamma, and Eric Moon.

Performed by Alexandra Baybutt, Mary Cutrera, Brynne Flidais, Emily German, Bridget Gunning, Annie McGhee, Elizabeth Rose, and Jill Marissa.

Funded in part by 4Culture and the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.