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Performed May 2 - 10, 2009
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Seattle

"Manifold Motion's Woolgatherer is one of the most creative and innovative dance performances in recent memory." -- Seattlest.com

"Captivating stage design, lighting, sound and video mark Manifold Motion as one to watch." -- Seattle Times

Woolgatherer is featured on the April 23, 2009 episode of Seattle Channel's Art Zone.

Intertwining the arts of performance and craft, fiber artists and dancers take the stage to tell the story of an iconoclast who tears down the walls of her oppressive society and discovers a secret, wild world inhabited by extraordinary creatures. Manifold Motion weaves together contemporary and aerial dance, original music, and live video with the fiber-based set and costumes to create the fantastic environment in this must-see production.

Woolgatherer was collaboratively conceived of and created by Chaya Branley, Brenna Flood, Bridget Gunning, Randy Jones, Mike McCracken, Leo Mayberry, Keely Isaak Meehan and Nicole Sasala.

Funded in part by the Washington State Arts Commission and the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Woolgatherer Excerpts from Manifold Motion on Vimeo.